Digital Asset Interoperability Protocol

Enabling the future of interconnected virtual worlds

Digital Asset Interoperability Protocol

Enabling the future of interconnected virtual worlds

Use WASD keys to move

What is feta?

For Metaverse Enthusiasts

Create and mint interoperable and composable avatars which share a unified state across multiple worlds and chains

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For NFT Collections and their holders

Play, earn, and travel across different virtual worlds

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For Developers

Easily integrate a complete omni-chain avatar system for your players with our API and SDKs

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The feta Ecosystem

Claim your digital life and take your identity everywhere


Limited edition interoperable 3D avatars that can be used across a variety of different virtual worlds


3D avatars for yourself or others. Sell and manage full collections on our launchpad


Any avatar between supported blockchain networks with no loss of asset integrity


Easily turn your entire PFP collection into 3D avatars with our automated Blender character creation pipeline, accessible by API


Your NFTs from all supported chains as playable 3D avatars across a variety of virtual worlds

Instant Utility

For NFT collections and their holders by providing interactive and compatible access to a variety of virtual worlds and games across the metaverse
Your assets and the rest of your community can go anywhere for a personalized experience

For Developers

Our developer tools make it easy for virtual worlds to integrate interoperable avatars.

Through our REST API, we provide an abstract interface to interact with our omni-chain NFT protocol, a set of open source smart contracts facilitating NFT interoperability across multiple blockchain networks.

What can you do?


A wide collection of avatars for your virtual world and provide your users a social experience from day one


Your users to use select NFTs as in-game avatars in any environment


And mint in-game avatars across multiple blockchains with one API call


Between virtual worlds, maintaining a unified state and integral metadata


Update unified on-chain avatar data and other attributes with one API call

Token Gating

In games and virtual world platforms made easy with one API call

The feta SDKs seamlessly integrate NFT smart contracts and metadata into 3D development environments, inserting composable on-chain properties into avatars and items that can be used across virtual worlds.

Supported Platforms

Supported Networks

More Coming Soon...

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We are building a framework for the future of interoperable and interconnected virtual worlds

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For Developers